Orizzonti design Marco Poletti

Aluminium parquet.  Strenghts of design are plays of lights and shadows and the rhythm of lines that, either continuous or interrupted, give birth to new horizons, intricate and bringing fresh, unknown visions. A unique handmade process charges top-quality aluminium of a sharp, expressive chromatic intensity to create rich, thrilling and authentic surfaces, at the same time ancient and newborn: timeless.


An inimitable ferment  of finishes, light reflections and geometries turn aluminium surfaces into pieces of design that strive for totality and fullness: not lurking only in objects, it overcomes its limits to incorporate spaces, atmospheres, even people, and surges as the protagonist of customized, tailor-made realizations, declined in various style with sartorial care so that every project tells a story and meets the desires of the most demanding customers.

London Calling

Urban Renovation. The London Calling collection stands for wall covering with that certain something – deliberately different from conventional traditions. Top-quality aluminium, hand treated and artisan finishes. Large or small sizes, they maintain their appeal in every shape, either brush or sanded, the lines becomes mathematical equation, black reaches new depths of image and sparkles.


The design, simple in appearance, hides an impeccable handmade workmaship performed on top-quality aluminium. Sharp geometries and thoughtful use of brush or sanded finishes are the roots of this collection: simple, not banal. Maxi lenghts and accurate details to create stylish compositions. Hi-tech collection becomes the ideal stage for the wildwest of all the creative minds.